Android Notification


A - Introduction

In Android, an application can push a message to user called Notification outside its normal UI.

First, the notification will appear on the Notification Bar

User can see all the detail of a notification by opening the Notification Drawer

B - Notification Display Elements

Android Notification has 2 views: Normal View and Big View. In this post, I only focus on Normal View. Big View will have its own entry later :)

  1. Content title
  2. Large icon
  3. Content text
  4. Content info
  5. Small icon
  6. Time that the notification was issued

C - Demo

To push a notification, first of all, you need to create a NotificationManager object:

Then, create a Notification object:

The constructor of Notification has 3 arguments:

  • The large icon (2) in Normal View
  • Notification content title
  • Notification time

After that, create a PendingIntent instance by calling PendingIntent.getActivity() method. This instance will start an activity when user tap on the notification.

  • The 3rd argument is the Activity you want to start

Assign the latest notification by setLatestEventInfo() method:

Push the notification:

The notify() method has 2 arguments:

  • ID : to distinguish notifications. If there're 2 notifications with same ID, only notify the latest one.
  • A Notification instance.

The result of this demo application:


D - Download Source Code

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.