Android ListView Dialog

ListView Dialog

First of all, I’ll show you the result of this post to give you some motivation :beauty:

ListView Dialog ListView Dialog

As usual, you need to create the layout in main.xml file

ListView Dialog

Create layout for your List View Dialog my_list.xml

ListView Dialog

Coding time!:adore:

In the  onCreate method, we need to:

  • Load all the components and controls in the  main.xml layout.
  • Create an AlertDialog object which has all the controls in my_list.xml  layout:

ListView Dialog

  • Next, we create a List to store all items which will be shown in the List View Dialog
  • Load the ListView object via my_list.xml file
  • Create an adapter to hold all list items and set to the ListView
  • Finally, handle OnItemClick of ListView:

Last but not least, implement onClick method to show List View Dialog:

Done! :adore:

Download Source Code ListView Dialog

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