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Use Dropbox as SVN Repository

Version controlling is one of the most important concept in Software Development. It allow you to track all the version of files, folders among different team members in a very easy way. By the way, nowaday cloud becomes very popular with us. I’m pretty sure that everyone has at least one cloud storage. In this post, I’ll show you how to use y... Read more

Facebook SDK Integration in Android

You must know that social media has a very important position in modern life - every thing can be shared on social network. One of the largest and most famous social network is Facebook. Integrate with Facebook to help you build engaging social apps and get more installs. In this post, I’ll show you every steps in Facebook SDK integration in A... Read more

Organizing code with namespace in JavaScript

A. Preface: Sometime, we want to use functions or properties globally. But when there are too much global variables, they may be bring a lot of trouble - naming collisions. We can use namespace to minimize number of variables. There are many solution to implement namespace, we’ll cover some simple approaches which are easy to use and understand ... Read more

Activity Slide Transition

A - Introduction In previous post - Activity Fade Transition - I show you the pros of using transition animation in Android application. Today, I’ll show you another type of animation - slide transition. B - Create Slide Animation First, check if the res/anim folder does exist or not. If not, create new one. This folder will contain all your... Read more

Tips and Tricks for JavaScript Array

At the very first sight, I don’t like JavaScript! And till now, I still don’t like it LOL But because of my job, I have to deal with this it :) In this post, I’ll show you guys some tips and tricks for JavaScript Array. Of course, I found them while wanderring on the Internet, searching for my *** problem :) 1. Do not use new Array() Please... Read more

Activity Fade Transition

A - Introduction Fade animations made the transition between 2 activities becomes smoothly and naturally. It will gradually fade out current activity while simultaneously fading in another. Without fade animation, the transitions often feel abrupt or hurried. In this post, I’ll show you how to implement Activity Fade Transition. B - Create F... Read more

Get Result From Other App

A - Preface In previous post, I show you how to use Implicit Intent to call another app. But calling another app doesn’t have only one-way. You can also can recieve the result from calling app. Some scenerios that you need to use this technique: Start the camera app and get the photo as a result Start the contacts app and get the contact in... Read more

Singleton Implementation

A - Intent Ensure only ONE instance of the class is created Provide global access to that instance B - Usage Singleton will be applied when you want to have exactly ONE instance of a class, no less, no more. And that object can be access anywhere in your code. Some cases that Singleton is usually used: Logger class Configuration class A... Read more

Best Practices for Exception Handling

Exception handling is an important part of developing robust application. It’s a process to response to a erroneous situation like invalid input value, not found resource,… Here are some best practices  for Exception Handling that I collected from my working experience and the Internet. 1. Don't overuse Exceptions Remember that Exception is ... Read more

Use Implicit Intent to Call Another App

A - Preface In Android development, we usually use Intent to navigate between Activities in one application. It’s called explicit intent because you have to pass the exactly class name of the destination Activity. Intent can not only start another Activity inside the app but also call another application for user to perform an Action. For exam... Read more

Create Dynamic UI with Fragment

A - Preface First of all, I just want to confirm that you know what Fragment was or not. If not, please read this post to know the basic knowledge about Fragment. When developing application, you  create dynamic UI with Fragment to support many screen sizes. For example: On tablets, 2 fragments will be displayed side by side together. On h... Read more